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Colonel Ann Wright

Breaking the Israeli Naval Blockade by Sailing with Gaza’s exports

 Wednesday—October 10—7:00 PM

annwright Colonel Ann Wright

Cross & Crown Lutheran Church
5475 Snyder Ln., Rohnert Park, CA 94928

 $10.00 donation:  Students, Seniors, and Occupiers $5— No one turned away

Colonel Ann Wright is a former United States Army colonel and a U.S. diplomat who resigned in opposition to the Iraq War; one of three State Department officials to publicly resign in protest of the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.  She was on the May 2010 Freedom Flotilla I, attacked by the Israeli military, and was an organizer for the US Boat to Gaza in the 2011 Freedom Flotilla II.

Gaza’s Ark is a new initiative to challenge the illegal and inhumane Israeli blockade of Gaza, the only Mediterranean port closed to shipping. The Canadian Boat to Gaza, in cooperation with internationals in the US, Australia and other countries, will build a boat in Gaza, using existing resources. A crew of internationals and Palestinians will sail it out of Gaza carrying Palestinian products to fulfil trade deals with international buyers. This event is a fund-raiser for Gaza’s Ark —

Sponsored by Project Censored and Media Freedom Foundation in cooperation with SSU Sociology of Social Movements class

Information: peter@projectcensored.org707-874-2695

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