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Dr. Helen Caldicott and Jim Riccio

Mickey Huff in Studio with Peter Phillips interview  Dr. Helen Caldicott – A prominent pediatrician who left her medical practice in 1980, after the Three Mile Island nuclear accident (33 years ago) to publicize the dangers of nuclear power and nuclear weapons on earth and in space.  She will be addressing the real dangers of the Fukushima diaster. For the 2nd half of the show they talk with Jim Riccio a lawyer who has worked for Greenpeace since 2001 as its Nuclear Policy Analyst.

Listen here: Dr. Helen Caldicott and Jim Riccio

  • Vincent Nunes January 30, 2014

    Thanks very much for this show – my thanks go especially to Dr. Helen Caldicott for taking this issue so seriously.

    Would you be willing to read and verify this information?

  • Mark L. February 13, 2014

    On the surface Helen sounds reasonable. She is apparently intelligent. However if you have done some homework, and thinking, you may disagree with many things she said during this show.

    Helen threw in some falsehoods right at the beginning of the show. I leave it to all of you to figure out if she is simply ignorant or a shill.

    Man made global warming has been proven over and over to be a scam. Both Al Gore and David Suzuki know the truth. They are deceivers. Helen thinks David is a “wonderful environmentalist”???
    He is an actor, and has been shown to be a bit too interested in very young girls. Want to know something about fruit fly DNA; he’s your man. Al Gore is just a damn lier or politician; same thing these days.
    CO2 has never caused global warming and never will. The greenhouse effect of CO2 is so small it can be ignored altogether. CO2 is not a pollutant either. This is like a magic trick. While most are looking at CO2, a life giving gas, as if that were a problem; they are not seeing the slight of hand in the form of the many pollutants that are ever increasing.
    If you want to stop pollution emissions, your wasting your time with CO2- by design.
    Climate change is a term being totally misused. Climate change is natural and predictable and based on the changing angle of the Earths axis relative to the Sun. It has NOTHING to do with CO2.
    From what I have read, CO2 levels today are nearly as low as ever measured from Earths past, and also, during the times that CO2 levels were the highest, more evolution and emergence of life took place. CO2 is a life affirming and essential gas.
    Let’s not overlook that CO2 levels increase AFTER the Earth warms, not the other way around, that the man made global warming scams claim. Al Gore read the ice core samples backwards; deliberately.
    Helen claimed that the global temp is rising faster than anyone predicted. Lier! Look the other way folks; pay no attention the the glaciers that have been growing in various places in recent years.
    Global warming does happen, over the long term(at least 10000 years now); it is happening; very slowly. I call it global thawing though. Completely natural, due to the Earths axis angle.
    Takes about 28500 years to complete one wobble. Do you really think that the criminal powers that be are not aware of this?

    What else? Well cancer is not genetic; that IMHO is as ridiculous as man made global warming. The medical industry wants people to believe this lie. Why? Well I think it is to get away with all the crap in our food and the real pollution’s in our environment, that do cause cancer. If people accept that the cancer is their fault and can’t be avoided, they won’t bother to take responsibility for their own health; and no one sues those that pollute our environment. That is good business for the medical/drug industry.
    Everyone produces cancer cells. The body normally rejects the bad(anti social) cells. Alex Jones is even worse, telling people there is a cancer virus- nonsense!
    IMHO cancer is caused by inflammation or irritation in the body. A low body PH (acidic) being one of the biggest causes of inflammation, but all sorts of pollutants cause cells to become anti social, living with no concern for the rest of the body- cancerous in other words.
    The best that one could claim is that some peoples genetics allow for the creation of cancer more so than others. Cancer is not genetic though.

    More? Well, mutation is not caused by radiation(BS), despite all the Hollywood horror shows and Helen’s misinformation. Mutation is an important part of evolution or adaption that happens naturally.
    Radiation causes DAMAGE. Damaged DNA, not mutation, not evolution.

    So is Helen simply misinformed, brainwashed, or a deceiver?

  • Mark L. February 19, 2014

    I decided to do some searching of the internet to see what others were saying about Helen’s information.
    WOW! She has been called out as being misinformed and making stuff up for years. I would expect to hear people from the pro nuclear crowd, picking apart her information, and they sure do. Most of the time though they were correcting her and showing real science, though I have no doubt that they too have numerous deceivers among them.

    Helen provides so much cannon fodder for them, I have to wonder if she is actually a disinformation agent. She has the same kind of effect as that fool Judy Woods and her no brain theory…I mean no plane theory. The effect of Helen’s work is to make anyone against the use of nuclear power and weapons, being called a bunch of unscientific fools.
    If Helen was promoting a bowel movement, her solution would be to shove a cork up her bum.

    It isn’t bad enough to be putting out misinformation for cannon fodder, and fear porn, but Helen also has completely bought into the man made global warming scam and is telling people that we are doomed. This provides the pro nuclear people with the perfect excuse to increase and support the use of nuclear power, since less CO2 is produced. The pro nuclear people could not ask for a better advocate.

    One search result I found suggested listening to a Democracy Now interview with Helen and George. This is the file name: dn2011-0330-1.mp3

    They said the show was nonsense but really good theatre. I didn’t find it that entertaining. Both of them are like ventriloquists, talking out their bum holes. Helen selling her usual fear mongering against the use of nuclear power, but having completely bought the CO2 global warming lies, and George using all sorts of predictive programming and logical fallacies to further his arguments, pro nuclear and anti coal; he also has completely bought the CO2 global warming scam.

    The term climate change deniers is a programming tool. It is meant to bring up in the subconscious, or conscious, a connection to Holocaust deniers(another predictive programming term). George also kept referring to those that know CO2 can not EVER cause global warming, as Cherry picking their information. He repeated that fallacy. This is exactly what George has done, he only looks at the globalist deceptive organizations “science”. He ignores any science that proves there is no such thing as man made global warming caused by CO2. I suppose I do cherry pick information too. I choose to listen to people that are honest, not fear mongering, expressing real science, who don’t have a dog in the race. People who are pro truth!

    If any one reading this is wondering; I am an organic gardener. I am well studied in natural health and nutrition, and many other subjects. I have been a truth seeker/free thinker all my life. I am not a supporter of nuclear power, I am not a supporter of burning oil or coal either; because of the emissions of pollution, not harmless and life affirming CO2.

    There have been a great many inventions that would have made for a far less polluting world, but they are always suppressed by criminal corporations and their puppet politicians. You can thank companies like DuPont for example, for making hemp illegal for no good reason except for profits. The smokable cannabis had to be criminalized first via a large campaign of lies, then hemp was criminalized. Growing hemp means not having to deforest land for paper, not having to use crude oil for plastics. A good article explaining this crime against humanity can be found here:

    I can’t say that Helen is a shill, but she may as well be.

  • Mark L. February 21, 2014

    See for yourselves what others have found.

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