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Findings Show Radiation Emissions from Wireless Phones are Class 1 Carcinogens

Two important new papers show mobile phone use as a cause of increased brain tumors. Any wireless phone, i.e. cell phone or cordless phone, emits radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMFs) when it is in use.  One paper shows that RF-EMF exposure from mobile (and cordless) phones should be regarded as an IARC class 1 human carcinogen (cancel causing agent). Current guidelines for exposure urgently need to be revised.

After a case-control study of the association between malignant brain tumors and mobile or cordless phone use, confirmation was made with 95% confidence that RF-EMFs play a significant role in both the initiation and promotion stages of carcinogenesis. Carcinogenesis is the process by which normal cells are transformed into cancer cells.

In May of 2011, after the consideration of laboratory studies, studies of long-term use of wireless phones, and data on the incidence of brain tumors, the World Health Organization concluded RF-EMFs to be a possible human carcinogen.  Other studies have shown an association between long-term mobile and cordless phone use with Glioma and Acoustic Neuroma.  Because of this, the guidelines for cell phone use need to be revised and the public alerted.


Lennart Hardell and Michael Carlberg, “Using the Hill viewpoints from 1965 for evaluating strengths of evidence of the risk for brain tumors associated with use of mobile and cordless phones,” Rev. Environmental Health, 2013-0006.

L. Hardell, M. Carlberg, F. Soderqvist, KH. Mild, “Case-control study of the association between malignant brain tumors diagnosed between 2007 and 2009 and mobile and cordless phone use, International Journal of Oncology, September 24, 2013,

Student Researcher: Julian Klein (San Francisco State University)

Faculty Evaluator: Kenn Burrows (San Francisco State University)

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