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Ghana: Military won’t intimidate voters-Major Owusu

Student Researcher: Andrea McCarthy

Faculty Instructor: Christina M. Knopf, Ph.D.

Evaluator: Ryan McCarthy, Peace Corp member 2006-2008

Ghana military is not placed at polling stations to intimidate or persuade voters, but to help support Ghana police.  Countries in Africa have had multiple problems with their elections being corrupt or crooked.  While it may be intimidating for the up-and-coming voters in Ghana to have military standing around them while they vote, it is to keep the peace while voting is occurring.  “Major Owusu indicated that to avoid creating doubts in the minds of the public, all the security services were harmonizing to streamline their activities for the elections.”  To make sure that the military personnel do not intimidate voters, and are, in fact, there to keep the peace, strong measures will be put in place.  The police, regional election task force, and military will all be tested on their preparedness to handle the voting process and on what problems may occur throughout the day.

“Ghana: Military won’t intimidate voters-Major Owusu.” Accra Mail, All Africa Global Media, November 12, 2008.

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