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Nonviolence Special

Welcome to the Morning Mix, this is the Project Censored Show on Pacifica Radio, I’m Mickey Huff in studio with Peter Phillips. Today we spend the hour with Kenn Burrows and special guests on theGandhi-King Season for Non-Violence (Jan. 30 – April 4): a 64-day educational and grassroots campaign dedicated to demonstrating that nonviolence is a powerful way to transform, and empower our lives. We also welcome to the show Mitch Hall, a children’s rights advocate, yoga teacher and peace scholar, who will address Why Gun Control is Not Enough — Underlying Causes & Remedies for Direct Violence. During the 2nd half of the show we will interview Renee Soule’ who teachs Non-Violent Communications at San Quentin State Prison; and we speak with two San Franciso State University students, Nic Rogoff and Vonique Strickland. Please stay with us for this special program on nonviolence and honoring MLK’s enduring vision during this Black History month.


Listen to the Show Here: Nonviolence Special

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