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Outsourcing Jobs from Hollywood

In this Project Censored radio show we talk about the issue of outsourcing jobs from Hollywood and high tech privatization in public schools.

Listen here: Outsourcing Jobs from Hollywood

  • Anonymous April 7, 2014

    This is another outsourcinng, and or political move in progress. United Airlines has just announce to 15 stations around the country, that they are looking to cut costs (even while profits roll in) by looking at vendors to do the work of the airport workers. I have worked for Continental Airlines for 27 years then we merged with United Airlines a couple of years ago, so after 29 years of service, my reward is to be outsourced by Autumn. Our Union is discussing with the company this week to either cut our wages & benefits or to go with the vendor.

    If you’ve ever been stuck in an airport on a delay, you will appreciate this story. With this last brutal winter weather, there has been record delays and cancelations at the airport. Our jobs have been stretched to the limits, and to be quite honest, I am one of the crazy people that actually like my job. Which makes this a difficult time for me and my family. I am at topped out wages of $24per hour, $55,000 a year, which I feel grateful for, considering that I just help people get to where their going on a daily basis. I consider my job as a skilled trades job. Like a plumber or electrician, you know how good you are when the wrap up your day with success.

    This news effects hundreds of employees, first they announced 6 stations closing about 6 months ago, then Cleveland airport is downsizing, from a HUB to a regular station. Laying off over 400 people. Then just recently is the news of 15 station, going to vendors, another 700 more people effected. These vendors working in these airports, work for $8.50 and hour, no sick time and a week vacation per year, that they can’t afford to take, so they end up working it anyway. High turnover is what is currently happening in CVG where it happened 6 months ago.

    Which leads me to think of the political view, with CLE losing over 400 jobs, CVG just vendored their station about 100 more, now CMH is on the chopping block another 100 or so. That is 3 main OH cities, losing middle-class, Union jobs. How does that factor into the next elections for Ohio?! Sure is a lot of votes from employees and families having to relocate, or too busy to vote.

    My options will be, if they negotiate for lower wages, how low will I go? Or if they go with the vendor, I can either retire (just turned 50-too young), or take a furlough (depressing and not much opportunity out there), or transfer to another city, leave my family (my husbands business is here & my daughter is in Highschool) commute every week. Tough choices coming up. Some are blaming the Union, but I feel if we didn’t have a Union, then we wouldn’t even get choices.

    This is such a shame that so many families are going thru these same hard choices. Our Union is weak, our contract says that we can’t even strike. With our wages still good, no one is willing to jeopardize a protest. Writing this may even be crossing the line, but I feel that our story must be told. This is corporate greed, all the way! We’ve been making profits, even while we were going to thru an ungodly merger. The CEO and higher management just want to make more money while the working class becomes the working poor. They say they want customer service, well if you get vendors, don’t expect them to even know their jobs for at least 1-2 years, minimal is the training involved for new hires. Eventually they will get it, I’d choose DL for a couple of years :) Loyalty got thrown out with the baby & the bathwater.

    Love FreespeechTV, that’s where I found your website. Thanks for listening to my story…


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