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The Peter Phillips Interview on the Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Show

Peter Phillips talks to Cindy Sheehan on September 29, 2013 about his recent piece on Project Censored titled “The Financial Core of the Transnational Capitalist Class”

Listen to the Interview here: The Peter Phillips Interview on the Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Show

  • DAVE HOOKES November 8, 2013

    powerful and very important interview – as peter does in the interview its very important to link the politics with economics, that is,to develop a contemporary ‘political economy’ to provide a framework for understanding the strategies of Global corporate capital. Its important to understand it as a ‘system’ that has its own logic and not get too hung up on the individuals-they are constantly being replaced just like the cells in one’s body. I am a retired physicist and engineer and have tried to use ideas from modern physics to form an alternative model for a human-based political economy. I gave a paper in Moscow recently called “The realisation of our species being in the quantum digital age” which can be downloaded from:

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