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“Project Censored: The Movie” Screens at Mill Valley Library

Film looks at 38-year-old organization committed to deploying media literacy education as an antidote to propaganda and censorship; filmmakers and organization’s director Mickey Huff will be in attendance for the free August 13 event.

9398155 Project Censored: The Movie Screens at Mill Valley Library

In the 38 years since Dr. Carl Jensen created it at Sonoma State University, Project Censored, a fervent advocate for media literacy that’s the subject of a film screening and Q&A at the Mill Valley Library on August 13, has never suffered from a lack of material for its annual roundup of the most censored and under-reported stories of the year.But in its nearly four decades of existence, Project Censored’s purview – corporate journalism and the stories that simply don’t get enough attention – has had to evolve with the explosion of the digital media landscape, providing context not only to what gets covered, but how it gets covered.
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