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Project Censored The Movie!: Ending the Reign of Junk Food News

just the paper Project Censored The Movie!: Ending the Reign of Junk Food NewsProject Censored The Movie: Ending the Reign of Junk Food News takes an in depth look at what is wrong with the news media in the US today and highlights the work of 37 year veteran media democracy organization Project Censored (PC) and their commitment to media literacy education as an antidote to top-down, managed news propaganda and censorship.

This film, made by former PC Sonoma State University student Doug Hecker and longtime Project supporter Christopher Oscar, features original interviews about PC and media censorship with Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Greg Palast, Oliver Stone, Daniel Ellsberg, Peter Kuznick, Cynthia McKinney, Nora Barrows-Friedman, John Perkins, Jonah Raskin, Khalil Bendib, Pacifica and KPFA Free Speech Radio personalities, Abby Martin of Breaking the Set, Al Jazeera English, several PC affiliated faculty, students, and features Project founder Dr. Carl Jensen, former director and president of the Media Freedom Foundation Dr. Peter Phillips, current director Prof. Mickey Huff, and associate director Dr. Andy Lee Roth and much, much MORE! The movie will be available after April 12th. Check out the trailer here!

  • Paul Ginnetti October 6, 2013

    I found your documentary on Free Speech TV FSTV and always knew this was the case! Good Show! However, the very problem your doc addresses is the same malady that stops it from the mass exposure it needs. The last comment in the You Tube trailer says it all…”Most people don’t want the truth, because then they’d have to do something about it”. Keep up the great work- chipping away at one brainbot at a time! Repeal Citizen’s United Forever!

  • Lorene Stover April 6, 2014

    I,too, found your Doc on FSTV. It is a relief to know there are still people that care in our country. There are grassroots organizations popping up all over the country representing a variety of SERIOUS issues. Sadly, there are not enough people getting involved, paying attention to the issues, or even attempting to find out the truth about what is really going on in this country. I believe it’s gaining momentum though or at least let’s hope. Great documentary. It is so sad to see that our democracy is under more threat today than in any time in history. If we could get the majority of average folks to see that we need to worry about the critical issues first, instead of the bickering over issues that the elite and corporations have designed to divid and distract the public. It is also by design the elite have taken the media hostage for their own use to further their agenda and spread their ideologies and propaganda. We are coming into a time,a dangerous time, where I fear our country may only have violence to gain back our country. It may result in civil war and anarchy,which makes us vunerable to attack. Great job of informing viewers with the TRUTH, we just need more to see it and believe it, then help do something about it.

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