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The Republican Plan to Invalidate Scientific Research

Republicans are currently funding research that goes along with their plans and beliefs rather than what science has actually proven. As Americans we have the right to a democracy based on what we believe in and whom we think represents those beliefs. However, Republicans are paying companies to get rid of the truth and find “research” that goes along with what they are campaigning rather than putting out the truth that could potentially hurt the Republican image. Now more than a dozen conservative senators are attempting to cancel disclosure rules so that biased scientific studies can be presented as fact without having to acknowledge who paid for the research.

Silica Industry is an example of a company that has produced false information in order to pass safety tests involving their sand products. It is amazing how fake research is more important than having citizens find out the truth. This is safety, people deserve to know! Health should be more important than promoting company income. With money you can do anything, and unfortunately in politics there is a lot of money. This is why Republicans can invalidate scientific research and Americans continue to believe the information they tell us.


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Student Researcher: Emily Walukiewicz, Indian River State College

Faculty Evaluator: Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D., Indian River State College


It is not uncommon for those individuals high up in society to use money in order to cover something up they do not want others to know. However, a political party member or the party in general doing something like this is a completely different story. American citizens vote these people into office, yet they are taking advantage of their supporters. This leads to the ethical question, is it right for Republicans to pay off companies in order to invalidate scientific research?

Although many people are unaware, the Republican political party is not the first party to ever do this. The sad thing is, it probably happens all the time. Not many people ever find out about it though, because the company gets paid not to say anything. Nobody is supposed to know about the deals that are made. However, America has a democracy for a reason. The people voting deserve to know the truth about what they are voting for. Not only that, they deserve to vote for someone who is honest. For a major party like the Republicans, it is not shocking they pay to cover up the truth involving things that science has proven true. The world is becoming more and more about business and money instead of actually caring about the people being affected by these actions. It is sad because voters are the ones being hurt the most.

For example, in the article it talked about how “Silica Industry changed the results to make their sand products “safe”.” Changing results that were originally found is dishonest, but now putting people’s safety in danger is something that should never occur. Are results that represent what one wants really more important than other’s safety? Many would argue that should never happen, yet American citizens are not helping themselves. Instead residents of the United States believe what they are told by people higher up in society, who cover up the truth.

Another key point about this article is that, if Republicans are “invalidating scientific research” then the credibility of this party on things that really matter is going to go down. How will citizens know when the information they receive has been covered up or when it is accurate? The future of the United States is in the hands of the government and political parties. Yet, Republicans are choosing to betray their supporters by paying off companies to falsify research results in order to bolster their campaigns. The only ones who benefit from this are the Republicans while the American people are being manipulated and deceived, and placed in harm’s way.

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