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The Hazards of Hydraulic Fracturing and Federal Officials’ Attempts to Downplay Some of Those Hazards

This week’s program focuses on the hazards of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), federal officials’ attempts to downplay some of those hazards, and EPA efforts to censor reports showing the problems of fracking.

US EPA officials denied last year that groundwater contamination in Dimock, Pennsylvania was due to fracking, although EPA’s own scientists knew that fracking was the culprit. And, whistleblowers say, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson used a false name in internal correspondence about the Dimock situation. Steve Horn, writer for, discusses these stories.

Then Richard Heinberg of the Post-Carbon Institute speaks about his new book “Snake Oil: How Fracking’s False Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future.” Heinberg explains the hazards to water and air from fracking.

Think fracking is okay? Think again! Tune in for what you are not being told…

Listen here: The Hazards of Hydraulic Fracturing and Federal Officials’ Attempts to Downplay Some of Those Hazards

  • sven August 20, 2013

    The real problem of fracking is yet to come, 20 years from now is when the real problems are going to occur. And once again the ESTABLISHMENT have laid the foundations of the effects of fracking (predictive programming)as a rise in cancer rates. The chemicals used in fracking are going to take 20 years to get to the surface water supply and will be partly but not only responsible for the dramatic increase in cancer rates.



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