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Top Ten US Aid Recipients All Practice Torture

The top ten recipients slated to receive US foreign assistance in 2014 all practice torture and are responsible for major human rights abuses, according to Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other major human rights organizations.

The violators and degree of aid they are expected to receive are: 1. Israel – $3.1bn, 2. Afghanistan – $2.2bn, 3. Egypt – $1.6bn, 4. Pakistan – $1.2bn, 5. Nigeria – $693m, 6. Jordan – $671m, 7. Iraq – $573m, 8. Kenya – $564m, 9. Tanzania – $553m, 10. Uganda -$456m

Each of the listed countries are accused of torturing people in the last year, and at least half are reported to be doing so on a massive scale.

Financial support for such governments could violate existing US law mandating that little or no funding be granted to a country that “engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights, including torture.”

The United States remains a signatory of the United Nations Convention against Torture, ratified in 1994. That the top ten recipients of US assistance all practice torture calls into serious question the Obama administration’s overall stance on and understanding of fundamental human rights.


Daniel Wickham, “Top 10 US Aid Recipients All Practice Torture,” Left Foot Forward, January 30, 2014,

Student Researcher: Alyssa Tufaro (Florida Atlantic University)

Faculty Evaluator: James F. Tracy (Florida Atlantic University)

  • David March 4, 2014

    I’m pretty sure that’s why they are getting aid… they can advance as a society, educate their civilians and not need to torture people. Or perhaps so they can learn better ways of keeping the fact that they do it quiet like all the other countries ever…

  • Janette D. Sherman, MD March 4, 2014

    But we can’t raise the minimum wage, or pay teachers and nurses more, or fix out broken infrastructures.

  • Joe Honick March 4, 2014

    Two things: you used the term “accused” as if it were true
    Next, you left out most Arab countries. Why is that?
    You also left out the work of Palestinian terrorists, why is that…the ones who slaughtered little Jewish kids in Ma’Alot, old men at prayer in Paris, among others.
    Why is that?

    Using the language as you have leaves your stuff quite open to, well, accusations!

    • Matt Hamill March 4, 2014

      “accused” by worldwide, respected sources dummy. hasbara in action folks.

    • dwilmsen March 5, 2014

      Read the entire context:

      “The top ten recipients slated to receive US foreign assistance in 2014 … Each of the listed countries are accused of torturing people in the last year”

      Most of the Arab countries are not on the top ten list. That two are on the top ten list is already damning enough.

      Are you saying that “the ones who slaughtered little Jewish kids in Ma’Alot, old men at prayer in Paris” are Arab countries?

      I suspect that you are referring to Palestine, which is not yet a country.

      Or do you mean Lebanon,the country from which the Ma’Alot attack was launched (not by its own citizens or army and a country, I might add that was not then and is still not in complete control of its borders)?

      Lebanon is not nearly close to being a top ten recipient of US aid. For instance, the US recently donated an aircraft to the Lebanese Armed Forces. A Cessna.

      You, who are so concerned with the language of this piece, should pay closer attention to what is being said.

      • Matt Hamill March 6, 2014

        Lest we for forget, OP Joe is only feigning indignance at one particular country mentioned in the article, which happens to be our largest recipient. the reason he is so keen to hoist the flag of antisemitism is because he is being paid to. he is actually good at his job compared to most hasbara trolls working to undermine legitamite criticism. of Israel.

    • Barbara March 5, 2014

      Maybe that is because they listed only the top 10; also terrorism is much different than a government that tortures their own citizens.

    • charles fasola April 9, 2014

      The facts and evidence provide proof that the racist Israeli government, controlled by hard-line rightist terrorists, religious extremists and the top idf brass are the largest purveyors of genocide, torture and terrorism on this planet. Anyone who states otherwise is an Israeli propagandist or a delusional moron. Period! Your nation was founded by terrorists; with the backing of the us and their european allies.

  • KEVIN leys March 5, 2014

    This is a good item but….

    Why no Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,Indonesia,Yemen and others in the world?

    • dwilmsen March 5, 2014

      Are you suggesting that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain are major recipients of US foreign aid? I’m no expert on such things, but I’ll warrant that they are not in great need of it.

      • charles fasola April 9, 2014

        A completely ludicrous comment by a completely uninformed individual. You are correct in stating you are no expert. An expert would understand that for the greater part aid to the totalitarian police states which are the arab monarchies is not part of the transparent budget but are surely part of the black one you are provided little to no information of. Americans!

  • Rick Blanc March 5, 2014

    What actions can we take?

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