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Uncensoring the Unhistory of the JFK Assassination

The Project Censored Show is on Pacifica Radio with Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips. Today’s program, we kick off our special coverage Uncensoring the Unhistory of the JFK Assassination 50 Years Later. Join us this hour for a discussion with Jefferson Morley, former Washington Post reporter and author of Our Man in Mexico; Winston Scott and the Hidden History of the CIA, also moderator of the website Morley filed a FOIA lawsuit against the CIA to unseal specific documents regarding that fateful day in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza. This is the first of a four-hour series of interviews done by Project Censored with leading experts and researchers that question the official narrative of the JFK assassination. The rest of the series will be broadcast on November 22nd across the Pacifica network and includes interviews with Oliver Stone, historian Peter Kuznick, Peter Dale Scott, and Mark Lane.

Listen here: Uncensoring the Unhistory of the JFK Assassination

  • UP IT 2 November 17, 2013

    –And BTW? —WHY no discussion or mantion
    of Hollywood and media’s –BALK– of the just
    passed 60th Anniversary of the agenda ‘uncomfortable’
    awesomely relevant, yet unfolding, ‘forgotten’
    ————–KOREAN WAR?————-

  • Mike Micklow December 4, 2013

    This was a very important, informative interview. Jefferson Morley provides some thoughtful analysis into the JFK assassination and the governments lack of transparency about the many contradictory details surrounding it. The bit about Oswald’s integral history with that of the CIA is telling. The CIA knew of his whereabouts and so-called radical “leftism,” and they even knew he was in Dallas the day of JFK’s assassination. This parallels Atta and Able Danger, strangely enough.

    While I would like to share Morley’s optimism, I wonder if the situation regarding the files on different CIA members, like David Phillips, is much more complicated and devious. While speculative, we should ask ourselves, would the CIA really be holding onto incriminating evidence which connects them to the assassination of the most charismatic and popular president in the history of the US? It would seem those documents saw the shredder a long time ago. But more importantly, if the CIA were to release such damning info, then it would end the autonomy the CIA now enjoys. Can such reform plausibly take place given the global political dynamics involved? What I am saying is, we should question whether the CIA is truly beholden to the nation-state of America. If America is but one arm of the global transnational empire, or what Sklair calls the “Transnational Corporate Class,” then the CIA is its secret world police; so, if those files are still in existence they are probably locked and sealed within a state-of-the-art vault that is offshored to some “neutral” space like Switzerland. OR maybe I am just being too cynical. Who knows. Either way, the very act of questioning and petitioning the government to be transparent is what is important — and for that I commend Morley.

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