#13: Desktop: A Military Mystery Story

by Project Censored

What is Project Desktop? Anyone who knows certainly isn’t talking and those who have divulged some information have been silenced, in some way, by the government. According to various sources, Desktop could be an underwater missile system in direct violation with the SALT talks, the Seabed Treaty, and ‘the U.S. Constitution; a Pentagon-White House spy ring; or an underwater intelligence system. directed towards foreign countries. The government does admit Desktop is/was an actual program dealing with the highest level of nation­al security and operated by the Navy. Evidence gathered to unravel the mystery is confusing, fragmented, and contradictory. However, there are two indisput­able facts: Desktop is real, and it scares those who share its secret. Author/ researcher Michael Drosnin painstakingly documents his futile efforts to unravel Project Desktop in his article. The many censoring devices used to silence Drosnin’s sources qualifies this story for nomination as one of the “best censored” stories of 1976.

SOURCE: New Times, April 2, 1976, p.21, “A Military Mystery Story: Desktop” by Michael Drosnin.