34 Mapuche Political prisoners on hunger strike during 82 days

by Project Censored
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Thirty-four Mapuche political prisoners went on a hunger strike for eighty two days in Chile during the year 2010. The strikers required the cessation of the Anti-terror Law, the end of military prosecutions for civilians and Mapuche communities’ demilitarization to the Chilean government.

After eighty two days, the majority of prisoners gave up the strike regarding Chilean government promise that they would not be judged by a military court and the Anti-terror law would not apply to them.

The Chilean Journalist College alleged on the 24th of August of 2010 that the strike had been hushed up by the Media. This allegation contrasts with the wide coverage that had been dedicated to Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas hunger strike or to the trapped miners rescue operation in San José mine. The Media even censored a video where one of the rescued miners, supporting the strikers, shouted “strength for Mapuche community”.

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Student Researchers: Joan Pedro, Luis Luján
Faculty Evaluator: Dra. Ana I. Segovia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Madrid (Spain)