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Members of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) — a right wing international cartel of sorts — include such luminaries as Ferdinand Marcos, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and Adolfo Calero, commander in chief of the armed forces of the FDN contras. The WACL’s roots go back to 1954 with the establishment of the Asian People’s Anti-Communist League. Today the WACL has grown to six regional organizations with affiliates in more than 90 countries.

One of the most important people in the WACL is retired U.S. Major General John Singlaub. Singlaub began his military and intelligence career as an OSS member during World War II. In 1976, he became Chief of Staff of both the United Nations and U.S. Army Forces in South Korea. He was removed in 1977 after he publicly criticized President Jimmy Carter’s withdrawal of troops from Korea.

Singlaub joined WACL in 1980 and formed an American chapter called the United States Council for World Freedom. Singlaub was elected president. Singlaub has given the WACL credibility in several ways:

* President Reagan began calling the contras “freedom fighters” in 1983, a term the WACL and others on the far right have used for years.

* When U.S. Congress temporarily cut off Nicaraguan contra funding in 1984, a group of various American conservative leaders raised $25 million in private “contributions.” Singlaub and the WACL were at the center of the campaign.

* Several WACL members have been appointed as ambassadors to the Bahamas, Costa Rica, and Guatemala by Reagan.

Then, at the 17th Annual WACL Conference, held in San Diego, California, Singlaub read a letter which said in part, “The World Anti-Communist League has long played a leadership role in drawing attention to the gallant struggle now being waged by the true freedom fighters of our day. Nancy and I send our best wishes for every future success.”  The letter was signed by Ronald Reagan.

The WACL is so extreme — according to Scott and Jon Lee Anderson who wrote INSIDE THE LEAGUE, an expose’ of the WACL — that the John Birch Society has shunned it and advises its members to do likewise. Geoffry Stewart-Smith, a staunch British anti-communist, left the WACL because it is “largely a collection of Nazis, fascists, anti-Semites, sellers of forgeries, vicious racialists and corrupt self-seekers. It has evolved into an anti-Semitic international … the very existence of this organization is a total disgrace to the free world.”


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