9/11 Film Festival Oakland Grand Lake Theater

by Project Censored

It’s the 9th Annual Nine Eleven Film Festival, Wednesday, September 11th, One to Eleven PM at the Grand Lake Theatre, Oakland.

This year’s theme:  Fifty Years of Betrayal:  From JFK to Today.  Many short films on 9/11 and the assassinations of the ‘60s will be screened.

New feature length films include Bill Still’s, Jekyll Island – The Truth Behind the Federal ReserveProject Censored:  The MovieNATO’s Secret Army:  Gladio; and the evening feature:  9/11 In the Academic Community.

New this year! If you can not make the show you can live stream it below. The web pass ticket is $5 and it is good to see the archives after the event until Sept 30th.


9/11 Truth Film Festival 2013

Find out more information at sf911truth.org

   Time   Length
   1:00     8 min.   RFK – Nina Rhodes-Hughes
   1:08     8   RFK must Die epilog:  Shane O’Sullivan
   1:16     60   JFK compilation
    2:16     8   Peter Phillips on JFK
   2:24     6   State of Mind  – trailer
   2:30   126   Jekyll Island –
                           The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve
   4:36      6     Carol Brouillet on money
   4:42      6    Music by Bernie Rauch
   4:49      1    Announcement: upcoming Operation Terror showing
   4:50   36    Counter-Intelligence by Scott Noble
                           • Conspiracy Theories
                           • Courage: A Tribute to Whistleblowers
   5:26   10    Abby Martin vs. Rachel Maddow on RT
   5:36   10   Abby Martin & Lance deHaven-Smith on RT
   5:46      8    Mickey Huff on media
   5:54   66   Project Censored the Movie:
                                    Ending the Reign of Junk Food News
   7:00   11    Filmmakers Chris Oscar and Doug Hecker
   7:11      4   Ken Jenkins on ReThink 9/11
   7:15      6   ReThink 9/11 video
   7:21   10    Tribute to Bob Bowman w/ video
   7:30    77   9/11 in the Academic Community
    8:47   14    Discussion about … Academic … with Mickey Huff & Paul Rea
    9:01   20    Gladio (NATO’s Secret Army) by Scott Noble
    9:21   10    An Act of State (MLK) music video by Vic Sadot
    9:32   54    Who Killed Martin Luther King? by John Edginton
  10:25   37    Crime StoresPrime Suspects from Court TV
                      Who Killed Martin Luther King Jr.?
  11:02       8       Glenn Greenwald interviews Edward Snowden