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    GMO Toxins Endanger Human Health

    by Vins

    GMOs’ toxins put your health at risk, according to plant biologist Jonathan Latham. As Latham reports, many genetically modified plants are engineered to contain their own insecticides. These GMOs, which include maize, cotton and soybeans, are called Bt plants. Bt plants get their name because they incorporate a transgene that …

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  • A small Danish farm, Pilegaarden (Willow Farm) in Hvidsten fed pigs under United Kingdom guidelines which allowed farmers to use GMO enhanced soy products containing glyphosate and Roundup that produced illness, birth defects and decreased healthy birth rates among swine. These pigs were slaughtered and sold to local markets and …

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  • Animal rights activists addressing the abuses of CAFOs (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) often focus on the more obvious ways animals are distressed. Yet some researchers point to a less-understood aspect of livestock mistreatment: force-fed monoculture diets of genetically modified corn and soy that is often drenched in the chemical glyphosate, …

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