Abby Martin and Chase Palmieri

by Project Censored
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Abby Martin and Chase Palmieri

Journalist Abby Martin, host of The Empire Files on teleSUR, makes a return visit to the program and speaks with Mickey about how corporate media obfuscates the truth to serve US power and its allies, in Palestine, Yemen, Venezuela and elsewhere. In the second half of the show, Chase Palmieri of revisits the program, following a recent remark from celebrity entrepreneur Elon Musk that there ought to be a way for the public to rate the work of journalists. Palmieri explains how does exactly that, and summarizes how to use it.

Abby Martin hosts “The Empire Files” on Telesur TV, and is the founder of  Chase Palmieri is cofounder of; his background in the restaurant business inspired him to create a site where readers can evaluate news articles, in the same way as offers a place for restaurant ratings.