Abby Martin and Matt Taibbi

by Project Censored
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Abby Martin and Matt Taibbi
Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi is the first guest on this week’s show; his new book, “Hate, Inc.” explains how today’s corporate media, especially television, profits by pitting Americans against one another and is more like a WWE match then actual journalism.
Then independent journalist Abby Martin returns to the program; on this segment, she describes the making of her new documentary, “Gaza Fights For Freedom,” and the distortions and omission in US media coverage of Palestine.
Matt Taibbi’s previous books include “Insane Clown President” and “Griftopia.” He is also co-host of the Rolling Stone podcast “Useful Idiots” which can be seen at
Abby Martin wrote the foreword for Censored 2019: Fighting the Fake News Invasion, and she just finished editing and narrating the new documentary from Project Censored about fake news. Learn more about her film on Gaza at More of her work can be found at