Afghans hold anti-U.S. rally on eve of war’s 10th anniversary

by Project Censored
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October 6, 2011 marked the ten-year anniversary of the U.S. military campaign in Afghanistan. On this day, hundreds of members of The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan gathered in protest, demanding immediate removal of all foreign troops. They believe the U.S. entered their country under false pretenses, touting “reconstruction,” “human rights,” and “war on terror”.  In that view, the U.S., along with its allies, shattered the Taliban regime quickly and then imposed a corrupt and anti-human government. One protest organizer, Hafizullah Rasikh, characterized the Solidarity Party’s point of view, “Ten years since the invasion, all we have seen is suffering, instability and poverty in our country.”  The infamous picture of U.S. solider Andrew Holmes posing with the body of a civilian teenager he had killed was also displayed predominantly. 2011 saw record levels of civilian deaths, and even though insurgents caused 80% of these deaths, killings done by the hand of foreign forces have received more public outcry. Of all foreign troops in Afghanistan, the United States is bearing the most blame.


Title: Afghans hold anti-U.S. rally on eve of war anniversary

Authors: Ahmad Masood & Akram Walizada

Publication: Reuters

Date of Publication: October 6, 2011


Student Researcher, Annie Keating, College of Marin

Faculty Evaluator: Susan Rahman, College of Marin