Alison Trope and Nolan Higdon Discuss Critical Media Literacy

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Alison Trope and Nolan Higdon Discuss Critical Media Literacy

Today’s program focuses on the value of Critical Media Literacy, both for students and youth, and in wider public discourse. Mickey’s first guest is Alison Trope of the USC Annenberg School’s Critical Media Project. Trope explains how her institution is helping LA-area high school students learn to analyze media and its influence, something that is much needed across all sectors of our society in the US. In the second half of the show, Nolan Higdon and Mickey make the case for critical media literacy and free speech, in opposition to censorship and deplatforming.


Dr. Alison Trope is Clinical Professor of Communication at the University of Southern California, and founder/director of the Critical Media Project. Dr. Nolan Higdon is a lecturer in History and Media Studies at California State University, East Bay, and UC Santa Cruz, and a frequent guest on the Project Censored Show. He is author most recently of The Anatomy of Fake News: A Critical News Literacy Education.