The Alternative to Capitalism

by Project Censored

A Vision for the Future and How to Get There

The alternative to global warming & environmental destruction, overt, covert and drone wars, all pervasive government surveillance, Ferguson-style racism & militarization of the police, multi-trillion dollar corporate bailouts, trillions in social cutback, women’s and LGBT oppression, mass deportations, “War on Terror” persecution of Muslim communities and the rule of the 1 percent

Wednesday, Feb. 4,  7 PM

Sonoma State University

International Hall Room 104

 [Parking available Student Union Parking lot]

Hear Jeff Mackler          


Sponsors: Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored; Sonoma State Sociology, Social Justice & Activism Club; Sonoma Peace and Justice Center; Socialist Action

For information contact: 707-874-2695 or 339-793-0987