Andy Worthington and Kristina Borjesson Return

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Andy Worthington and Kristina Borjesson Return

Andy Worthington and Kristina Borjesson make return visits to the Project Censored Show to update listeners on their work. Journalist and activist Andy Worthington, a long-time campaigner for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, shares what he’s learned about conditions for the men still locked up there as Gitmo passes its 18th year in operation.

In the second half of the program, journalist and filmmaker Kristina Borjesson summarizes the turns her career took when her investigative work went beyond what her corporate media employers wanted. She also explains her new project, a podcast by and for whistleblowers called The Whistleblower Newsroom.

Journalist Andy Worthington has devoted much of this time to exposing the illegal nature of Guantanamo Bay. He is the author of The Guantanamo Files, and producer of Outside the Law.

Kristina Borjesson is an award-winning TV producer, writer and editor; she has covered stories from the destruction of TWA Flight 800 to the September 11 attacks, and many others. Her books include Into the Buzzsaw and Feet to the Fire.

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