Annoying to Wealthy Atlanta Residents, Garbage Man Jailed for Coming to Work Too Early

by Vins
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Kevin McGill, a 48-year-old garbage collector outside Atlanta, was sentenced to 30 days in prison for starting his work too early. McGill took a guilty plea deal after violating an ordinance in Sandy Springs, north of Atlanta, that bans collections before 7am. On the Friday that he turned 48 he had to report to a local jail at 6pm after being allowed to serve his time on the weekends so he could still work for Waste Management Inc., collecting the trash of wealthy residents to support his wife and two children. At the time of his sentencing he did not have a lawyer and has since filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea, according to his new attorney, Kimberly Bandoh.

Source: Christopher Brennan, “Garbage man jailed for 30 days because came to work too EARLY and annoyed residents of wealthy Atlanta suburb,” Daily Mail (UK), March 7, 2015,

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