Another Salmon Disaster in the Making!

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Irrigation in the Scott and Shasta river basins threaten salmon population. Water levels in these rivers are becoming so low that the fish cannot make it far enough up river to spawn.  The reason for the low levels of water is that much of the water is diverted away from the rivers for irrigation on local farms.  Farmers claim that the low levels of water are not because of irrigation but rather from too little rainfall.  Research, however, has shown this not to be the case and that the problem in fact is the irrigation.  Despite taxpayers spending 25 million dollars in an effort to restore the rivers and preserve the salmon, little has been done and the problem continues to get worse. This past August the water level was recorded at its second lowest level in history.

Title:  Another Salmon Disaster in the Making!

Source:  Rogue Valley Independent Media Center      6/9/2009


Author:  Felice Pace

Student Researcher:  Anthony Sarganis

Faculty Evaluator: Erv Peterson

Sonoma State University: Sociology of Media, Fall 2009

Instructor: Peter Phillips,  #02