Argentina Files Complaint Against U.S. for Warplane Carrying Unauthorized Weapons

by Project Censored
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The Argentine Government says a U.S. Air Force jet was found to be carrying a number of items, including, weapons, drugs, and spying devices, without proper clearance.  Police and customs officials at the Buenos Aires-based international airport seized 1,000 cubic feet of material that wasn’t included on a list that the U.S. provided to the government in December, according to the Foreign Ministry.  The U.S. maintains that it disclosed the items beforehand and had received approval. Argentine cabinet chief Aníbal Fernández said: “I want them to tell me what would have happened if an Argentine plane with Argentine military or armed men from the Argentinian security forces wanted to enter the U.S. with weapons, with machines to intercept communications, with numbered electronic equipment, with high-potential GPSes and all sorts of other things. They would certainly have ended up in Guantánamo, wearing orange overalls.” The spat comes on the heels of President Obama’s announcement of his first state visit to Latin America.  Obama plans to stop in El Salvador, Chile and Brazil.


Title: Argentina: U.S. Warplane Carried Unauthorized Weapons

Author/Source: Democracy Now! 2/16/2011



Title: Argentina to File Complaint against US over Illegal Weapons

Author: Juventud Rebelde

Source: Juventud The Newspaper of Cuban Youth 2/14/2011



Title: U.S. Warplane Busted Bringing Unauthorizeed Weapons, Drugs & Spy Gear into Argentina

Author/Source: Moral Low Ground 2/16/2011



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