Army Charities Hoarding Millions of Dollars

by Project Censored
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Researcher: Ashleigh Hvinden

Faculty Evaluator: Diana Grant


Army Emergency Relief hoarded an excess of  $345 Million in the fiscal years 2003-2007 according to an Associated Press investigation of tax records. The AER was created in 1942 for the sole purpose for providing financial support to those whose family members were financially dependent on the soldiers who were taken away form their families and at war. However, somehow the original mantra of the AER has changed drastically with the dramatic changes of finances over the years. Now, the AER is only giving out 91% of the accumulated money— and as loans, which defeats the entire purpose. If the families of the soldiers do not pay back the loan in the proper allotted time, there are severe repercussions. The question is where is the other 9% going? Is it going to the four hundred workers who work for the Army Emergency Relief? Is it going to the hospitals? The money trail accumulated from private donors, schools, and non-profit organizations is fraudulent and sketchy.


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