Australia Is Again Stealing Its Indigenous Children

by Project Censored

Aboriginal mothers in Australia are having their children snatched right from under their noses. Child welfare officers come inside the mothers’ houses and take their children; they don’t tell the mothers why they’re taking them or even where they’re taking them. These children are “removed” and given to “indigenous caregivers,” but, allegedly, the real reason is that there is a white market for these babies. This also happened in the 1970’s where thousands of mixed-race children were stolen and given to institutions as cheap labor. It was apologized for by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and the Australian people assumed it wouldn’t happen again, however it is now happening again. The New South Wales Parliament is presently debating on passing a law in which if a child is under 2 and taken from its parents, without the mothers consent, the child can be forced into adoption if the mothers doesn’t get him or her back within 6 months.

John Pilger, “Australia Is Again Stealing Its Indigenous Children”, Truthout, March 25, 2014

Student Researcher: Cierra Pinkins, Indian River State College

Faculty Evaluator: Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D., Indian River State College


The stealing and taking of children from their mothers without an explanation as to where the children are going has happened before back in the 1970’s and has returned. The stealing of children happened to the Aboriginal family in outback New South Wales recently. According to the General of Remote Service for the Northern Territory, Olga Havnen, in 2012, as much as $80 million was used and spent toward the surveillance and removal of the children, which was more than the money that was spent on supporting impoverished families. ($500,000). It has been said that the reason the children are being taken is because of poverty and inequality.

To begin, the stealing of indigenous children in Australia is morally wrong in the sense of treating those children like objects. They take these little innocent children who do no wrong away from their families. Children are not objects; they are living breathing human beings and should never be stolen. When you steal objects people get over it, but when you steal children you embark on something much more serious and heartbreaking.

This situation with the stealing of the indigenous children in Australia also goes against human nature. “It is happening across Australia in a scandalous and largely unrecognized abuse of human rights that evokes the infamous Stolen Generation of the last century.” Humans are created to care about the welfare of others. Taking these children from their parents and not telling the parents where they are being taken shows blatant disregard for the feelings of the parents, and their parental rights. There is no compassion, love, sympathy, or rational thinking taking place when these children are removed from their parents.

If the children aren’t returned to their parents within six months the parents have to face the fact that they may never see their children again. There is nothing more insensitive and abhorrent to do to a parent.

Could you or would you make a universal law out of the act of stealing children from their mothers with no explanation to the mother as to why you’re taking their children? Would you be able to comply with a law that states if your child is taken from you, you have six months to get them back or else they will be forced into adoption and never see you again? If you wouldn’t accept this in your own case, then you should not accept it in the case of Aboriginal parents; for this plainly amounts to double standards and unfair discrimination.

To conclude, the stealing of the indigenous children in Australia is morally wrong; the children are being treated as objects rather than as human beings; the parents’ feelings and their parental rights are being disregarded; and doing so amounts to double standards, and unfair discrimination. Media needs to do a better job in bringing this story to light, and the abuse of the rights of Aboriginal parents and their children needs to be stopped.