Authors Greg Palast and Ted Rall

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Authors Greg Palast and Ted Rall

Mickey welcomes two frequent guests back to the program, each with a new book on electoral politics. Greg Palast is a veteran investigative reporter, his new book is “How Trump Stole 2020.” Greg explains how biased politicians and election officials are discarding millions of votes nationwide, targeting voters of color in mass election fraud. Then, Ted Rall, author and political cartoonist, talks about this legal case with the LA Times, his graphic work ond Palast’s new release, and his own new book, “Political Suicide: the Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party.” Rall asks whether liberals and progressives should hold out any hope for the Democratic Party. Both books are published by Seven Stories Press.

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1) “Confrontation” by Craig Safan, from “Thief” sound track
2) “Politician” by Cream
3) “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by the Who