Project Censored helps celebrate the Right to Read and the 35th Anniversary of Banned Books Week

by Project Censored

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This week’s show celebrates the 35th Anniversary of Banned-Books Week as Mickey spends the hour with five guests representing a variety of perspectives and organizations that vigorously defend peoples’ right to read. The topics of discussion include the origin of Banned-Books-Week in the 1980s, the ongoing attempts to restrict what students may read in school and recurring themes surrounding book challenges, as well as the continuing importance of comic books and graphic novels in today’s media world. Project Censored is a proud contributor and member of the Banned Books Week Coalition.

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Abena Hutchful is with the Youth Free Expression Program at the National Coalition Against Censorship.  Charles Brownstein is Executive Director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. James LaRue directs the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom. Peter Glanting and Adam Bessie are cartoonists and co-creators of “Trump Universe,” a chapter in Project Censored’s just-released Censored 2018 book.

Web sites of organizations mentioned on the show: