Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week (BBW) is upon us, reminding readers all over the country to oppose censorship, as Project Censored has done since 1976. The Project implores students and educators to learn where and how books and other materials are being challenged in schools and public libraries and to join this collective effort on behalf of freedom of expression.

banned books week - September 2023 Newsletter

Project Censored is an official contributor to and member of the Banned Books Week Coalition. For information about Banned Books Week events in your area and access to other resources, visit

Also, see the American Library Association’s latest update on challenged and banned books for 2023.

Below you will find past BBW episodes of the Project Censored Show including the 40th-anniversary show from last year along with other relevant BBW Dispatches and posts. These include BBW’s 2022 Youth Honorary Chair, Cameron Samuels, who was a guest on the show in June 2023 and authored a related Dispatch about the dangerous consequences of recent book ban bills in Texas. Additionally, you will find a recent Project Censored Show and Dispatch for Banned Books Week by the 2023 Youth Honorary Chair, Da’Taeveyon Daniels.