Be Smart — Decline the Installation of Smart Meters

by Project Censored
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Throughout the United States local utility companies are switching over to what are called “smart meters.” Utility companies state that these meters help their customers save money and energy. But this is not the case. Not only has it been shown that these meters are increasing customer’s utility bills but people are becoming increasingly concerned about the health implications of a wireless meter attached to their home.

Although the utility companies and mainstream media sources may tell you that these meters are benign to one’s health, additional information suggests otherwise. Recently the World Health Organization classified non-ionizing radiation as a class 2-B carcinogen – among the same ranks as lead, DDT, and car exhaust.

Another study found that smart meters might be in violation of the Federal Communications Commission safety limits. The study, carried out by consulting firm Sage and Associates, found that smart meter’s radiofrequency radiation levels throughout homes and businessesare comparable to living within 200 – 600 feet of a major cell phone tower.

Protect your health.  Insist on “Opting Out” to keep your analog meter. In California, well-organized protests by consumers have led to a California Public Utilities Commission decision to give PG&E customers the option to keep their old meters — for a fee. Although the opt-out is individual and requires a fee, many residents are paying the fee and opting out of “SmartMeter” installation in their homes.  Concerned citizens were pleased to have this option, but many have also voiced concerns about the unexplained fees.  This led to calls for comprehensive hearings on those costs and the proposal of a “community-wide” opt-out option.


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