Behind the US-NATO-UN Sponsored Brahimi Plan for Syria

by Project Censored
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In August 2012, Lakhdar Brahimi replaced Kofi Annan as special envoy from the United Nations and the Arab League to Syria.  In announcing the appointment, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon declared that Brahimi would employ “his talent and extraordinary experience” to lead Syria toward a “political transition in accordance with the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people.”  While western corporate media have hailed Brahimi for picking up where Annan left off, in fact Brahimi appears to have been selected to substitute for NATO’s failed pursuit of “regime change” the strategic choice to “sew chaos,” as reported by Global Research’s Thierry Meyssan.

As Meyssan documents, Brahimi’s “talent and extraordinary experience” include chairing the Commission for UN Peacekeeping Operations, a role in which he “never questioned the legal aberration that allowed the UN to create so-called peacekeeping forces in order to impose political solutions against the will of the warring parties”; masterminding the 2001 Bonn Agreement for Afghanistan that “put in place the present-day Afghan narco-regime”; and, as a member of the High Security Council, perpetrating the January 1992 coup d’etat in Algiers that nullified legislative election results, forced President Bendjedid to resign and installed putchist generals in power.  What followed in Algiers was a civil war, Meyssan writes, “precisely along the model that Washington now hopes to engender in Syria—where both sides are simultaneously manipulated by the U.S. ”

Annan had resigned as special envoy to Syria in frustration after organized leaks in the international press—including Reuters, NBC, Le Parisien, Le Canard Enchaîné, The Sunday Times, and Bild am Sonntag­—revealed that the US, Turkey, France, Britain and Germany were acting in concert to organize what Meyssan describes as a “vast secret war,” and that Barack Obama had authorized covert military intervention months earlier.  In his resignation, Annan referred euphemistically to “disunity” within the UN’s Security Council.



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Student researcher: Jason Reyes (College of Marin)

Faculty evaluator: Susan Rahman (College of Marin)