Biofuels and World Hunger (The Real Story)

by Project Censored
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Biofuel targets set by the European Union and the large financial incentives given to the biofuel industry are some of the real culprits of world hunger (according to Meals per gallon report released Feb., 2010 by the UK Charity ActionAid).  Biofuels competing with food for feedstock, as well as shady land takeovers also impact the inflated food prices.  Tracts of land that were once farmed for food production have been replaced with biofuels.  Land is also being taken from poor farmers all over the world without their permission.

The jatropha scam is a huge related problem also, because it was hyped as a miracle non-food biofuel crop that would supposedly grow anywhere.  It has failed to deliver on it’s promise and poor farmers scammed into growing it have lost their source of income (and nourishment) by replacing real food crops with jatropha.  Another key issue is that biofuels actually release more greenhouse gases than fossil fuels, according to more and more scientists.  ActionAid has called for a global moratorium to address these issues.


Title: Biofuels and world hunger

Source: Third World Resurgence, Issue No. 247 (March 2011)

Author: Dr. Mae-Wan Ho



Student Researcher: Cheryl Fonseca, Sonoma State University

Faculty Evaluator:  Elaine Wellin, Sonoma State University


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