Blood and Gold: Inside Burma’s Hidden War

by Project Censored
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Violence rages in Northern Burma. As the new reformist civilian government attempts to displace the ethnic group, the Kachin. As resistance mounts it is primarily by the ethnic resistance group known as the K.I.A (Kachin Independence Army).

The new government is largely made up of the former members of the military dictatorship the Junta. Under the guise of these democratic reformatist and humanitarian building projects thousands of citizens are forcefully removed and relocated to camps, compared by some to the Jewish ghettos of World War 2.

These projects are largely funded by the Chinese government and promise to bring much needed power plants to the region. Instead of the proposed benefits to the impoverished people of Burma, 90% of power generated will be diverted back to China.

A staggering side effect of this faux colonialism is the rise of civilian casualties including women and children, not affiliated with the resistance.

Title: Blood and Gold: Inside Burma’s Hidden War
Author: Jason Motlagh and Steve Sapienza
Publication: Al Jazeera 10/4/12

Student Researcher: Greg Sewell, Sonoma State University
Faculty Evaluator: Andy Lee Roth, Sonoma State University