Boosting Coltan Prices Outside of the Congo

by Project Censored
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Coltan, a rare but highly demanded mineral has contributed to mass turmoil in the Congo where extreme human rights violation has spawned due to coltan mining. Additionally, the money from the large sales of African coltan is known to contribute directly to the escalating military and tribal violence in the war-immersed country. Companies across the globe especially in North America have began efforts to publicize the havoc that is happening in the Congo mines, and want to focus efforts on obtaining coltan from other sources.

Mining companies are starting to develop more mines, especially in Canada, in order to create a positive image and minerals that are not obtained through violence. Though in passing it seems that these mining companies are taking the responsible road by discontinuing their imports from the Congo, the companies are also deceiving investors and consumers by raising their prices by an obscene amount since the minerals are coming from a “clean” mine.

Collon described this new business strategy as project developers who are making headway by harping on the negative image of the Congo in order to boost their own business. This conflict marketing not only deceives the general public, but abuses the Congo in order to push up the price of stocks.

Title: The Coltan Speculators: Down With the Congo!
Author: Michel Collon
Source: [In French], January 14, 2011
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Student Researcher: Elizabeth Michael, Sonoma State University
Faculty Evaluator: Professor Chong-Uk Kim