Can Democracy Exist in the Digital Era Part II

by Project Censored
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Can Democracy Exist in the Digital Era Part II

This week’s program presents excerpts from a live online discussion co-produced by Project Censored and the Real News Network. The second in a series of three programs examining media and society in the modern age of pervasive digital communication, this episode addressed the question “Can Democracy Exist in the Digital Era?” This week’s panelists were Veena Dubal, Meredith Whittaker and Robin Andersen; moderators were Maximillian Alvarez and Mickey Huff.

Veena Dubal is Professor of Law at the University of California’s Hastings College of Law.
Meredith Whittaker is Research Professor at New York University, and co-founder of the AI Now Institute.
Robin Andersen is Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University.
Maximillian Alvarez is Editor-in-Chief at the Real News Network.