Cancer Causing Bisphenol A Found in American’s Urine

by Project Censored
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A recent study comparing Americans to Canadians shows that Americans have twice as much BPA in their systems than Canadians. BPA also known as Bisphenol A is an estrogen mimicking chemical found in many plastics, canned food, shopping receipts, and the most controversial of the products: baby bottles. Although many deem the chemical to be safe in small amounts, the effects of the chemical are known by many scientists to be horrible in every level of exposure. The effects include but are not limited to increased obesity, developmental effects to the brain, thyroid issues, breast cancer and prostate cancer. As the study was conducted it was found that 91 percent of Americans had one part per billion in their urine. Although this is considered only a trace amount it is still 1000 times higher than natural levels of estrogen.

Although Americans and Canadians are similar in lifestyles as well as eating habits the difference remains, and researchers do not understand why. One explanation may be that Canada recently banned this chemical and have very strict regulations when it comes to this chemical. United States also homes five major BPA chemical plants and although the United States is getting closer to banning BPA the FDA still regards it as an acceptable chemical.

Further, Americans and Canadians were then compared with the BPA levels amongst German society and found that while Germans have a higher level of BPA in their systems than Canadians; Americans still have a substantially higher amount of BPA in their systems than Germans.

Title: Americans have twice as much BPA in their bodies as Canadians
Author: Martin Mittelstaedt
Student researcher: Kaitlyn Vargas, Sonoma State University
Faculty Evaluator: Elaine Wellin, Sonoma State University