Cancun: Tourist Beach Paradise and Mexico’s Suicide Capital

by Project Censored
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There is a blurred line in Cancun, Mexico that splits a land of vacation and paradise from a land of hell, hardship, and suicide. Many migrants come to Cancun in order to escape their former residences that are filled with natural disasters and poverty.  The individuals who migrate to Cancun believe that the white sandy beaches and glossy blue water hold some sort of promise. Individuals who travel to Cancun in order to fulfill their dreams of stability and safety also believe the resorts and vacation locations can provide jobs as well as some escape from poverty. However, what these individuals soon find out is that there is an enormous difference between visiting paradise and working while living in paradise. Many workers cannot handle the sex, drugs, and violence that occur while residing in a vacation spot. Many workers also must face the reality that escaping from poverty is almost impossible. Workers are hired for cheap labor and many cannot make ends meet. The combination of the poor being exploited to make a cheaper vacation possible coupling the exposure to drugs and alcohol has lead to Cancun, Mexico’s 78% suicide rate.

Source:  Lovato, Roberto (2010, Dec 3). “How Cancun’s attempt to develop a tourist beach paradise helped turn It into Mexico’s suicide capital,” Alternet

Student Researcher: Kathleen Frear

Faculty Evaluator Dr. Christina M. Knopf Department of English & Communication, SUNY Potsdam