Capitol Coup d’Trump

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Capitol Coup d'Trump

On January 6, 2021, right-wing protestors invaded the U.S. Capitol building to try to disrupt the certifying of votes for the presidential election, some of them threatening the lives of members of Congress. The melee ended in the deaths of several people. On January 13, Mickey Huff hosted an online panel discussion- “Capitol Coup d’Trump,” about these troubling events and their implications, as well as a critique of how corporate and corporate-sponsored media framed the events of January 6. This week’s Project Censored Show presents the panelists’ remarks, as well as their responses to questions posed by members of a Zoom audience.

The panelists were Mnar Muhawish Adley editor-in-chief, MintPress News; Prof. Robin Andersen of Fordham University (media studies); Prof. Nicholas Baham III (ethnic studies) and Prof. Nolan Higdon of California State University,
East Bay (history/media studies); and Prof. Allison Butler of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (media studies). The complete discussion of over 90 minutes can be viewed here.  Higdon and Huff have also published a related article around these events at CounterPunch, “Ripe for Fascism: A Post-Coup’d Trump Autopsy of American Democracy.”