Censored 2016 Now Available

by Project Censored
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Censored 2016: Media Freedom on the Line is now available for ordering. Be the first one on your block to have the latest from the Censored series, published by Seven Stories Press, by ordering now! Read about the latest news that didn’t make the news, what has happened to previously censored stories, the latest Junk Food News and News Abuse propaganda, and learn about some of the front line organizations that exemplify media democracy in action! Also in this year’s volume, we feature the launch of the Global Critical Media Literacy Project (a joint effort between PC and the Action Coalition for Media Education), an incredible account honoring the work of the late Gary Webb, an exposé on the private armies of the global capitalist class, and reports on the enduring resistance of women in occupied Kashmir and Palestine, the Next System Project, and more!

Help Project Censored celebrate independent journalism and fight against censorship while supporting our effort to raise media literacy and critical thinking skills! Order now and get Censored 2016 and accompanying bumper sticker for $25 (includes book, sticker, tax, shipping in US). You can also help us celebrate our 39th year and preorder Censored 2016 and our award-winning DVD Project Censored the Movie: Ending the Reign of Junk Food News for $39 (includes book, bumper sticker, DVD, tax, shipping in US). Please also consider becoming a monthly sustainer for as little as $5 a month, a membership that includes our annual book as a thank-you premium!

Bestselling author Naomi Wolf recently remarked that, “Project Censored is a lifeline to the world’s most urgent and significant stories.” Sarah van Gelder of Yes! Magazine called Project Censored “an essential check on corporate media.” Project Censored is a nonprofit organization almost entirely funded by book sales and kind donations from individual supporters. Please help Project Censored continue educating hundreds of students each year while training the next generation of citizen journalists.
In solidarity,

Peter, Mickey, Andy, and the Project Censored Team

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