Censorship of Al Jazeera Documentary Exposing the Influence of the Israel Lobby

by Vins
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A documentary film exposing the extensive influence and power the Israel lobby has in Washington, DC politics has been leaked to the media after the Qatar government pulled it from Al Jazeera, which it controls.

In August 2018, several excerpts of the censored documentary were leaked and later published by a number of smaller, online media outlets.

The documentary was produced and researched by an undercover reporter for Al Jazeera, who infiltrated pro-Israeli lobby groups in the United States in 2016 and 2017 and it includes undercover interviews with pro-Israel activists in American politics working to craft policy specifically regarding freedom of the state of Palestine. It shows paid pro-Israeli activists discussing their participation in supposedly grass-roots demonstrations.

The pro-Israel lobby successfully pressured the Qatari government to not release the documentary in full. Yet, later that year, the online platforms Electronic Intifada, France’s Orient XXL, and Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar released the leaked clips exposing the extent of power the Israeli lobby in American politics.


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Student Researcher: Gabrielle Kreidie (Drew University)

Faculty Evaluator: Lisa Lynch (Drew University)