Censorship of Rape Documentary Overshadows Topic of Rape

by Vins
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“India’s Daughter,” a documentary from Leslee Udwin focusing primarily on the December 2012 gang-rape of Jyoti Singh, was intended to air on BBC to launch a campaign on violence against the women of India. According to Udwin, the documentary was to be shown to 20 million schoolchildren in an effort to educate them on issues of gender sensitivity. BBC decided to release the film four days early while the Indian government banned it amid controversy. Since then, discussion around “India’s Daughter” has primarily focused on the ban. The ban now has become a bigger issue than the documentary itself, because the question now is why India’s government doesn’t want to help the violence against the women in India. There are supposed to be equal rights for all people, but apparently in India something isn’t right. There have been many incidents with inequality for the women in India, so showing this video to the world would have made an important contribution to the debate about helping the women in India.

Source: “BBC Rape Documentary Misses the Point,” New America Media, March 11, 2015, http://newamericamedia.org/2015/03/bbc-rape-documentary-misses-the-point.php.

Student Researcher: Zykeya Parnell (Indian River State College)

Faculty Evaluator: Elliot D. Cohen (Indian River State College)