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Some of the most important stories that Project Censored evaluates are sent to us as nominations from a worldwide community of concerned citizens. These stories are forwarded from websites, or clipped from small circulation periodicals or back pages of regional newspapers. If you see a story and wonder why it hasn’t been covered by corporate media, we encourage you to send it to us as a Project Censored nomination.

To nominate a Censored story, send us the article, preferably with a URL web address, by email with NOMINATION in the subject heading. Make sure the author, publication, and date of publication are noted.


1. A censored news story is one which contains information that the public has a right and need to know, but to which it has had limited access.

2. The story is timely and ongoing, with clearly defined concepts and verifiable documentation.

3. The news story has been published, either electronically or in print, in a circulated newspaper, journal, magazine, newsletter, or similar online publication from either a foreign or domestic source.

We evaluate stories year-round and post important under-covered news to our website regularly.

Nominations from College Campuses are eligible for posting as Validated Independent News stories (VINs). For further information see:

Now’s the time… Nominate a Censored News Story

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