Central Africa Under U.S.-Backed Apocalypse

by Project Censored
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The United States Government is supporting atrocities occurring in Africa under the veil of the “war on terror” by means of millions of dollars in military hardware. The United States plays a large hand in the civil unrest happening in countries throughout Central Africa. It is a wide misconception that US involvement in the support of brutal regimes is non-existent. It is with the help of the mass media to devise blanket stories in order to shrivel the roar of these foreign affairs, formally named “perception management.” The contemporary apocalypse occurred in Uganda and took the lives of many innocent men, woman, and children and has yet to cease.

In October 1990, guerilla armies that violated international laws committed heinous war crimes in their invasion of Rwanda. These armies were backed by Britain, the United States, and Israel. These armies consisted of Tutsi elites who were set on regaining power in Rwanda.  In April of 1994, a plane carrying the presidents of top military staff of Rwanda and Burundi was shot down over Rwanda’s capital. This lead to the spark of the Rwandan Genocide; soon portrayed to be a clash of ethnic savagery in response to the assassinations.  To this day, the Rwandan Genocide remains to be one of the most misunderstood events in contemporary history. Most of the victims were Hutus and the number of reported deaths was far less than reality. The Guerilla armies lead a coordinated attack to kill Hutu’s and later on the Tutsi’s who were not trusted in the post pogrom Rwanda.  The final result was that the guerilla fighters “stopped the genocide by winning the war.”

In mid march at a United States Institute for Peace meeting in Washington DC, a spokesperson for the U.S. military’s African Command (AFRICOM) dismissed AFRICOM’s involvement in covert operations in the Congo. The USIP has funded pro-Guerilla disinformation campaigns since the early 90’s, helping to shield American involvement in Central Africa.

The MONUC “peacekeeping” pursuit in the Congo has spent over 1 billion dollars in a year involving contracts with private military companies have been training and flying Ugandan and Rwandan troops to wars in Somalia and Darfur.

Many of these Ugandan troops are used in war in many theaters for the United States. There are at least 300 Ugandans backing the U.S. in Afghanistan and more than 10,000 in Iraq. Ugandan troops have been subject to slave-like conditions and sexual assaults in Iraq.

Title: Apocalypse In Central Africa
Author: Keith Harmon Snow
Source: Z Communications, July 2010

Student Researcher: Shah Baig, Sonoma State University
Faculty Advisor: Peter Phillips, Sonoma State University