Many previous Censored yearbooks included chapters focused on specific issues, in addition to the books’ regular features on each year’s Top 25 news stories, Déjà vu News, Junk Food and News Abuse, and Media Democracy in Action. This page presents selected chapters on specific issues, as featured in Censored yearbooks published between 2000 and 2020. These chapters remain relevant as exemplars of critical media analysis and as historical context for understanding bias in establishment press coverage of government surveillance and propaganda, warfare and police violence, racial and gender inequalities, “fake news,” and a host of other important contemporary social issues.

Bessie and Glanting, Censored 2018, Ch. 5
Herman, Censored 2018, Ch. 7
Peter Phillips, Ratonya Coffee, Robert Ramirez, Mary Schafer, and Nicole Tranchina, Censored 2017, Ch. 7
Roth, et al., Censored 2008, Ch. 8
Phillips, Thornton, and Brown, Censored 2007, Ch. 10

The Project continues to publish case studies and long-form critical media analyses online as part of its semi-regular Censored Notebook series.