Chemicals Turn Genes On And Off; New Tests Needed, Scientists Say

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Unborn children could have major health risks. A group composed of several dozen researchers met in Washington, D.C. in late September to discuss the harmful effects of chemicals that people encounter on a daily basis to their health and well-being. These epigenetic effects can lead to serious health issues such as diabetes and cancer. The chemicals don’t necessarily harm the genes, instead they are able to mutate them and turn them off and on at the wrong times. Children who are exposed to chemicals while still in the womb have a greater chance of being born with any of these genetic defects. Because of the changes in their DNA, the symptoms can be passed on through generations. Now the only problem is figuring out how to effectively test as many chemicals and compounds as possible for these harmful epigenetic effects.

Title: Chemicals Can Turn Genes On And Off; New Tests Needed, Scientists Say.

Source:  Environmental  Health  News ,  3/3/2009


Author:  Bette Hileman

Student Researcher:  Joey Parigi

Faculty Evaluator:  Carmen Works Ph.D

Sonoma State University:  Sociology of Media, Fall 2009

Instructor: Peter Phillips, #11