Chevron and USAID Fund AgroAid in Nigeria and Angola

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Clinton promised $6 million of investment in Angolan agriculture through a partnership with USAID and Chevron, the second-largest US oil company. Despite billions of dollars in oil wealth, Angola ranks among the worlds lowest in terms of development indicators. The corruption watchdog group Global Witness revealed Angolan state oil company had given permission to bid for oil and gas licenses to a private company whose shareholders had the same names as top government officials. There seems to be ongoing corruption in Angola for the sake of promoting US energy interests and the availability of Angola’s vast resources. This proposed agro aid threatens more corruption leading to further degradation of environmental and human conditions.

Title: African Development Hindered by Vast US Corporate Interests in Continent’s Land,

Resources Source: Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!, 8/12/2009

Student Researcher: Amanda Bruna

Faculty Evaluator: Debora HammondSonoma State University