Chilean Mining Rescue: Hiding Behind a Greedy Billionaire

by Project Censored
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The TV spared no detail about the personal lives of these miners, telling the world about some of their most intimate secrets. The emotional side of this rescue has been exploited, in order to mask the questions about the cause of this disaster.

Multi-billionaire Sebastian Pinera had maintained a mine with recorded safety violations. However, regarding the rescue of 33 Chilean miners the major international media reported on the big-hearted billionaire Sebastian Pinera, so concerned about his country’s poor, when in reality, this is not the case. For days and days, the media ignored the misdeeds and selfish plans of this multi-billionaire, his links to Pinochet’s heinous dictatorship, and his servility towards the United States.

In this case, safety regulations have been overpowered by profit, and Pinera’s agenda seems to replicate the same idea. He is a powerful businessman, previously condemned for insider financial dealing and owner of Chilevision, the country’s largest TV Network, and owner of Colo Colo, the biggest Chilean football team.

On the day of the faithful rescue, yellow helmeted savior Pinera was handed a real political opportunity. As a result, his popularity rose in opinion polls and millions of people watched as the leader of a country with more than 8 million poor, suddenly cared about his citizens. When in reality, Chilean society has been divided, stripped of its rights, misinformed and reduced to submission by the uniformity of the media. All of which are not a true concern to Sebastian Pinera.

Title: Chilean Miners: What was the TV Show hiding?
Author: Michael Collon
Publication: Investig’action: November 8, 2010
Student Researcher: Chelsea Silva, Sonoma State University
Faculty Evaluator: Gloria Allen, Sonoma State University